Jul 2

July 2, 2015


Anchor of the soul

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast   (Hebrews 6:19a) The anchor holds strong and true, tethering my wandering soul to a steadfast hope. When unsteady ground suddenly shifts and threatens to swallow me whole, the anchor holds. Constant, right, and trustworthy the anchor holds. Each morning I dive in, exploring the depths to which the…

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Jun 29

June 29, 2015

words we say

The words we speak

The words we speak. They matter. They have weight. We all know someone who can command a room. You know, the person who speaks and all goes quiet around them. People will lean in to hear what is being said. This person speaks honestly, openly, and for the benefit of others. I want to be that kind of person. Too often, I am careless with my words. I do not restrain myself from joining in gossip, criticisms, or complaints. I…

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Jun 24

June 24, 2015


Expectant heart

With hopeful expectation, I wait. My expectant heart beats wildly as dreams course through my mind. The best is yet to come. It is a powerful tide washing over me, whispering, one step at a time, keep going. The ripples of one living the life she has been called to is causing others to do the same. One yes has caused others to say yes to their dreams, in spite of fears, in spite of doubts, in spite of knowing…

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Jun 22

June 22, 2015


Believing big dreams

I am believing big dreams for my child. Fake glasses with pink rims framed her face as  her Bible lied across her lap. Pausing from her reading she declared, “I am going to teach people the Bible. I may travel to other countries to teach them, but I also want to teach people one on one. It is important people understand it, Mom.” Do you think I can do that? Teach others about the Bible? Nodding, I told her of…

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Jun 19

June 19, 2015

mother and daughter standing

I can’t save the day

I can’t save the day. Not this time. No, this time I have to watch her struggle. I can encourage, I can hug tightly, I can reassure her, but I cannot save the day. Parents are their own kind of superhero, but it is painful to have to sit back and watch our children struggle. Since January, when my hazel eyed beauty suffered a febrile seizure, she has been having episodes of zoning out. She may be in mid-sentence, mid…

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Jun 17

June 17, 2015


I give you my heart

I give you my heart, Lord. Take it and form it as you will. The living room was filled with beautiful women. I scanned the room, expectant and hopeful. I know most of their stories. I know where their faith journeys have brought them. My excitement rose, look Father, look what you have done. Years ago, I would have never dreamed I would be standing in front of a room leading a Bible study, one I have written. My own…

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Jun 15

June 15, 2015


Unnamed Women of the Bible

Unnamed Women of the Bible, I have been studying them for over two years. I have been writing about them on this blog. Tonight, I will begin teaching about four of those women through a Bible study I have penned. Tonight begins the unfolding of a dream. I do not know what will become of this study, what these four weeks will hold. I do know this message has been slowly written for years, beginning as individual posts. To see…

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Jun 12

June 12, 2015


Beach bums

On a recent family vacation to the beach, my child and I pondered becoming beach bums. It was a careful consideration. Life near the water, the gentle sounds of waves nearby. The feel of sand under our feet (and many other places for that matter), and the fun of frolicking in the waves eased our souls. Carefree. Stress free. Routine free. Schedule free. Free to play. Free to explore. Free to run. Free to ride the waves. Laughter wove through…

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Jun 8

June 8, 2015


New mercies

New mercies I see every morning, reminding me of God’s great faithfulness. Circumstances change, I change, but God remains. He is consistent. He alone is faithful. As I watch the sun rise I am reminded of His ability to make all things new. I find comfort in peace in the dawning of each new day. New opportunities, new adventures, same faithful God. May you find comfort in the dawning of each new day. May you know new mercies await, given…

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Jun 5

June 5, 2015


Music speaks when I cannot

Music speaks when I cannot. In rhythm filled words, I find what my heart longs to express. In melodies I find the stirrings of my soul. When prayers do not form on my lips, a song will speak them for me. I become lost in choruses when the noise of this world becomes too loud. Anxiety and worry unravel with each refrain. With just a few beats, I find my footing. When I need a break from daily matters, music…

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