Apr 28

April 28, 2015


Enough is

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Enough is knowing I am perfectly imperfect, and being OK with it. In a world praising life’s highlight reels, I am content with my quiet, simple, imperfect life. My house becomes messy, my husband and I fight, my child misbehaves. Yet still I know, I am enough. Enough is knowing I have been fearfully and wonderfully made, I read it in the pages of…

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Apr 24

April 24, 2015


Creative Space

Watching others work in their creative space is mesmerizing. My daughter and I stood there, watching the potter’s hands form the clay. With the slightest touch various forms took shape. The wheel spun as the potter focused on the mound of clay. Item after item was formed, each one unique from the last. The clay formed into beautiful pieces with seeming ease under the potter’s touch. We smiled, she and I, delighted as we watched him work. Do you see…

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Apr 22

April 22, 2015



Brave. I find it easy to be brave when discussing a situation, when discussing dreams and goals. But when I am face to face with them, when the dreaming becomes a reality? Bravery is never readily found. I have had this dream strolling through my mind for a while. Some may call it crazy, others may support it. But this dream? It has been stirring within me for longer than I care to admit. In two months, the dream I…

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Apr 20

April 20, 2015


Watch them grow

Years ago they sat in my classroom, they had a place on my team. Now, I watch them grow. Wives, mothers, teachers, leaders, helpers, students, encouragers, business women, engineers, there is no one size fits all for this group. They have charted their own course, firmly grounded, enjoying the journey. I sit amazed as I hear their stories. How they have grown, the lessons they have learned, where life has taken them, even the mistakes they have made, I love…

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Apr 17

April 17, 2015



Enough. I never felt I was enough. I did not measure up. It seemed, more often than not, I fell short. I fell short of my goals, of expectations, of what others wanted from me. Did I truly lack so much? It was painful. It was lonely. I knew there was more to the story, to my story. I knew what God had poured into me, the mentors He placed in my life. Was it all to be forgotten? Maybe…

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Apr 15

April 15, 2015


April showers

April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. Driving to school, my daughter commented the day seemed more like winter than spring. Dark clouds filled the sky while raindrops danced around us. I smiled and simply asked, “Don’t you know April showers bring May flowers?” The days have been filled with sunshine, as the Texas heat begins to settle in. Our shoulders have been sunburned and we have rejoiced in air conditioning and ice cream. Yet, it is…

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Apr 13

April 13, 2015

praying upside down

Praying Upside Down

Praying Upside Down is releasing May 1, and friend, you need to read this book! I am waiting until May 1 to post my formal review. However, I want you to get to know Kelly and give you the opportunity to pre-order her book. She writes beautifully from an artist’s perspective and intertwines that perspective with faith. While I myself am not an artist, I have found myself pulled into her idea of praying upside down. Kelly O’Dell Stanley is…

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Apr 8

April 8, 2015

open gate

Come as you are

Come as you are. Enter in and sit a while. Sit and rest weary one. You have been striving for so long. Come, come as you are. Weighed down with burdens and worries. Walk through the gate and enter. Breathe. Exhale your troubles as you see the wonders all around you. Nothing is expected of you. The noise of life will fade away. The steady rhythm of your heart will keep time. Do not rush. Do not hurry. For now,…

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Apr 6

April 6, 2015


Dream big dreams

Dream big dreams. There has been a dream stirring in my heart for a while now. I believe it began two years ago, but really, is was probably there much longer. Two years ago an opportunity simply brought this dream to the surface. Armed with a pen and a notebook, I have been breathing life into this dream. Slowly, I see it taking shape. Ultimately, my dream consists of something larger, something my husband spoke before I did. I was…

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Apr 1

April 1, 2015


Final Moments

The final moments were upon them. One last meal together. One last time together, all of them, listening to the Teacher. 26 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.” 27 Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. 28 This is my blood of the…

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